Surgery for Gynecology Oncology New_YorkDr. Farr Nezhat is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, with a subspecialty in gynecologic oncology. He is a world-renowned authority in advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery for the treatment of gynecological cancers and complex benign conditions. His expertise lies in treating ovarian, uterine and cervical cancers; as well as severe and multi-organ endometriosis, pelvic masses, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids.

He serves as Clinical Professor at Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical College, and Adjunct Professor at Stony Brook University’s School of Medicine. He is both Division and Fellowship Director of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery and Robotics at Winthrop University Hospital.

He devoted his early career as a gynecologist to pioneering advanced laparoscopic surgical techniques for treating extensive pelvic endometriosis. He addressed endometriosis involving other pelvic organs such as the bowel, bladder, ureter and even the diaphragm, by forming a multi-disciplinary approach. Dr. Nezhat concentrated on treatment of other pelvic pathologies and contributed numerous surgical “firsts” to the literature, establishing evidence-based protocols for improved patient care. He did this in collaboration with his brothers, Dr. Camran Nezhat and Dr. Ceana Nezhat.

One of his chief interests is the laparoscopic management of ovarian cysts and masses. He demonstrated the ability to manage adnexal masses by laparoscope instead of by laparotomy, and this has had a profound medical and societal impact.

Recognizing the potential impact of minimally invasive surgery in the treatment of gynecologic cancer, Dr. Nezhat completed a fellowship in gynecologic oncology. Subsequently, he was able to refine and develop laparoscopic operative techniques for efficient, safe and practical application to gynecological oncology. His work resulted in several groundbreaking publications on laparoscopic and robotic management of cervical, endometrial and ovarian cancer. During his fellowship, and growing from his experience with endometriosis, he developed an interest in cancer arising from endometriosis, resulting in widely recognized, influential studies.

Dr. Nezhat established a minimally invasive surgery division and fellowships at three hospitals, thereby providing training opportunities for vast numbers of fellows, residents, medical students and national and international visiting physicians. He was one of the first to perform, publish and teach robotic surgery in gynecology.

He contributes prolifically to the scientific and medical literature, having authored four textbooks on operative laparoscopy, robotics and hysteroscopy and one on the medical and surgical management of endometriosis, and dozens of book chapters.

He organizes numerous post-graduate courses, which include didactic lectures, hands-on training simulations, and live surgery demonstrations. He has performed live surgery upon invitation in many countries as part of his charitable teaching endeavors.

Dr. Nezhat continues to research and publish in the areas of the pathophysiology of ovarian cancer, malignant transformation of endometriosis, and application of laparoscopy and robotics in gynecological malignancy, specifically in early and advanced ovarian cancer.

He is a regularly invited faculty member at numerous national and international professional societies and congresses, having visited over 30 countries. He believes learning, training, and collaboration are inseparable foundational components for the most meaningful breakthroughs.

Drs. Camran, Farr, Ceana and Azadeh Nezhat are founders and sponsors of Worldwide Endometriosis March, a campaign to raise awareness, find a cure and develop non-invasive diagnostic tests.

Historically, ovarian cancer and endometriosis have had significant negative consequences. Dr. Nezhat’s work has benefitted countless women and their families worldwide.

Surgery for Gynecology Oncology New_York