Camran, Azadeh, Ceana, and Farr Nezhat
2014 Inaugural EndoMarch, National Mall, Washington, DC

The WorldWide EndoMarch was founded by Drs. Camran, Farr, Ceana, and Azadeh Nezhat in 2013.  The Nezhats have over 100 years of experience treating women with endometriosis.

EndoMarch was created to empower women to take their healthcare into their own hands, to raise awareness of endometriosis, and to promote research and treatment of endometriosis.  To help end the urgent yet still largely ignored plight of endometriosis patients, the Nezhats recognized that awareness and educational outreach on multiple fronts would be needed in order to systematically address the unmet needs of those suffering from this devastating, invisible disease.

The core missions of EndoMarch


To unite women and their supporters to take a stand against endometriosis


To raise awareness about endometriosis and its effects on women and girls

To educate and train members of the medical community in order to promote early detection and improved treatment for those suffering with endometriosis

Effect Change

Work with our government and congress to allocate more federally-funded spending for endometriosis research

Implement health screenings for endometriosis among girls and young women in public schools

Find biomarkers and develop a non-invasive diagnostic test

Create an advanced surgical fellowship program to properly train more future endometriosis specialists who have the advanced surgical skills needed to

completely and safely eradicate endometriosis wherever it exists in the body

Accelerate reform of current disease management guidelines (standards of care) and develop genomic-based, proteomic-based personalized treatment options, to address the current crisis, so that millions of women and girls can finally receive the timely diagnoses and quality medical care that they deserve

Fast-track the search for a cure

Farr Nezhat
2014 Inaugural EndoMarch, National Mall, Washington, DC

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