Minimally Invasive Surgery


As an endometriosis specialist and a recognized authority on the treatment and management of complex benign and cancerous gynecological conditions, Dr. Farr Nezhat brings a wealth of experience and research to the table. One of the defining aspects of his world-class multi-disciplinary approach to gynecologic oncology is his pioneering adoption of minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Dr. Farr Nezhat was among the first surgeons in the world to recognize the efficacy of laparoscopic and robotic gynecologic surgery and has spent the better part of his career utilizing these techniques to safely and successfully treat patients dealing with a wide variety of complex conditions. In addition to publishing articles in prominent peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, Dr. Farr Nezhat frequently demonstrates the utility, safety, and efficacy of minimally invasive surgery while lecturing at worldwide medical congresses or visiting other practices and surgical centers. At his own high-volume practice and surgical referral center in New York, Dr. Farr Nezhat applies innovative, effective non-invasive surgical techniques for patients from across the globe.

Consult the adjoining list for a breakdown of the specific treatment options available.

A listing of over 226 of Dr. Nezhat’s research articles can be found at the PubMed search engine, which pulls references and abstracts from the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) database maintained at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).