Cervical Incompetence Specialist


Dealing with cervical incompetence requires a skilled surgeon specializing in the successful treatment of complex benign gynecological conditions. As a pioneer in minimally invasive gynecological surgery, Dr. Farr Nezhat is recognized worldwide as a cervical incompetence specialist, with women traveling from all over to take advantage of his surgical expertise.

What is cervical incompetence?

Cervical incompetence is a condition in pregnancy in which the cervix begins to dilate prematurely. Cervical cerclage is a procedure used to reinforces the cervix using sutures or synthetic tape during pregnancy.  It may be indicated if the cervix is at risk of opening before the baby is ready to be born. A cerclage is sometimes placed pre-pregnancy if a woman is deemed to have an incompetent cervix.

What treatment options does Dr. Nezhat offer for cervical incompetence?

Cervical cerclage is most often performed through the vagina (transvaginally), but sometimes the cervix is too short to make this feasible.  In these cases, cervical cerclage was historically performed via open abdominal surgery (transabdominally). However, it can be performed safely and effectively laparoscopically or robotically in the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon.  Patients are referred to Dr. Nezhat in cases requiring an abdominal approach. He specializes in performing the procedure utilizing minimally invasive surgical techniques and small incisions.

He has recently published a peer-reviewed article on laparoscopic-assisted abdominal cerclage in pregnancy.

Dr. Nezhat has published extensively on the utility, safety and efficacy of minimally invasive surgery for gynecological pathologies.

A listing of over 226 of Dr. Nezhat’s research articles can be found at the PubMed search engine, which pulls references and abstracts from the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) database maintained at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).