Hysteroscopy Surgery Specialist

In addition to his expertise in minimally invasive robotic and laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Farr Nezhat is also a world-renowned hysteroscopy surgeon with 30+ years of experience treating complex benign and cancerous gynecological conditions. Patients from all over the globe turn to his New York practice for their hysteroscopies.

What is hysteroscopy surgery?

A hysteroscopy examines the inside of the uterus to evaluate and treat potential issues that may arise in the womb and cause bleeding, pain, or even infertility. A hysteroscopy can identify a wide variety of abnormalities including scars, congenital anomalies, polyps, and fibroids.

To perform a hysteroscopy, a surgeon inserts a narrow telescope equipped with a light and camera into the uterus, then sends the resulting images to a monitor. This telescope is called a hysteroscope.

Hysteroscopy surgery vs laparoscopic surgery – what’s better?

As with all surgeries, the best treatment option depends on each patient’s unique diagnosis. In general, one of the major advantages of hysteroscopy surgery vs laparoscopic surgery or robotic surgery is that it is the most minimally invasive. With no cut to the skin, the patient will experience less pain, recover quicker, and have a shorter hospital stay.

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